Dr. Ramin Khavarzadeh

Ramin Khavarzadeh

It's Ramin Khavarzadeh, Data Science Expert

I'm a data scientist

I work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science and try to share it with others. It has always been my desire to learn and share my experience with others. I have created this site to publish my experiences and knowledge in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Image Processing, Audio and Video in the form of text and video, and to be able to communicate with those interested and other experts in these sciences.

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About Me

It's Ramin Khavarzadeh, Data Science Expert

My doctorate is in data science, which I ranked first in the exam. I studied Marketing at the Jaume I University in Spain and completed the Branding course at the University of Düsseldorf in Germany. In addition, a few years ago my team and I developed the startup SData, a startup in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). I aim to experience, learn, teach and share.

My Resume and Experiences


Marketing Director

2023 - Now


Customer Service Director

2022 - 2023


ا data analyst - Discovering patterns and trends through spatial mapping of data. Designing digital maps with geostatistics

2013 - 2014

Mercadona Supermarket

ا marketing research - collecting and assimilating data and interpreting it in order to identify changes and forecast trends

2014 - 2014
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